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Let the Dance Live Inside You


Next Dance:
December 4, 2022

6 pm - Argentine Tango Lesson

7 pm - 8:15 pm Ballroom Dancing

8:15 pm - Performance

8:30 pm - 11 pm Ballroom Dancing

Admission: $20 /person 


About Us

Guelph Social Dance is a place to enjoy ballroom dancing. We are open to all dancers in the community and we are not affiliated with any dance studio.

Most dancers who attend our events dance socially standard ballroom dances (waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, tango, Viennese waltz), Latin ballroom dances (rumba, cha-cha, samba, jive), club Latin dances (salsa, bachata, merenque), and other social dances (West Coast swing, Argentine tango, hustle). Come dance with us!


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